Workshops & presentations

Ida offers inspirational workshops, presentations and coaching sessions within the following topics:


DIGITAL LEADERSHIP – 3 steps to strengthen your leadership skills

How do you lead digital transformation in your organisation? How do you create followship as a leader?

Get new knowledge and inspiration on how to strenghten your digital position as leader and learn how to navigate your organisation through digital transformation.

In this workshop you will be guided through the 3 steps of developing a digital mindset that enable you to get a strong digital position as a leader and lead your organisation through digitalisation.

Variation: 2 hours // Price: 8.400 DKK // BOOK NOW



Network is powerful. We all know that. But how do we unleash the potenital of our network?

In this workshop you will be guided through the steps of unleashing your potential in your established network. You will learn how to clarify your vision and key drivers, which are the basis of a strong network. Furthermore you will be guided through networking tools that are required to optimize your network.

Variation: 2,5 hours // Price: 8.800 DKK  // BOOK NOW



In this workshop you will be working with your current business challenges and transform them into new business opportunities. You will be challenged and get new inspiration on how to innovative your business, products and services. In this workshop you will be working on developing and creating your digital strategy and learn tools and methods to execute your strategy. This workshop theme is also possible to book as an individual session.

Variation: 1 – 4 hours // Price: customized // BOOK NOW



In this session you will learn how to achieve your personal and professional visions and goals. You will be inspired to gain more sustainable and better results by mastering your mindsets and your productivity. The methods you will learn are founded within positive psychology and narrative practice, which combination is effective in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. From this session you will leave with a plan to achieve your goals. A more long term development plan is also an option if you book more sessions.

Variation: 1 hours // Price: 1440 DKK // BOOK NOW

All workshops, presentation and sessions are available both in Danish, English and Portuguese.